Police Brutality..... again???
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Thread: Police Brutality..... again???

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    Thumbs down Police Brutality..... again???


    This time in Victoria. Haven't these boneheads learned anything from the YVR tazer experience??

    It's time we all asked for a group that oversees the police because they seem to get away with this kind of animal behaviour.

    It's irrelevant what this person did to provoke before this happened, police are supposed to show a certain moral standard no?

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    Someone posted this on the same thread on RS in response and I . $100 says the second guy was already told to sit and got backup. It doesn't make getting kicked right but guaranteed if he does what he's told the first time it doesn't happen.

    Edit: I'm not making excuses for the cop either because he seems to go overboard from what we can see on the video.

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    On the news today the gentleman who was kicked stated that he had just arrived to the bar, was doing nothing, his girlfriend was pushed, he defended her from the guy who pushed her, started walking away minding his own business, cops jumped him for no reason, he followed all of their demands, was kicked based on racial profiling, is going to sue Vic-PD.

    Personally I wouldn't have kicked anyone in the little video I did see but I don't know the whole story.
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    How can anyone really draw too much from this....there's no video of what happened before, or any of the events leading up to the short snippet.
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    Okay, I understand the whole "use pain for compliance" idea, but let's look at this video again. Regardless of what may have happened before the camera started rolling, pause the video at second 34. We see one suspect on his all fours with a cop on his back. He is told to put his hands behind his back. How can he do that when he is on all fours and someone is pushing on his back? Trying to move his hands from the ground (to put them behind his back) means his face will slam into the ground. In a "panicky" situation (such as the one in the video), I'm sure the instinct of self preservation will kick in, not rationale to try to both protect yourself and listen to the cops. The officers simply do not give the guy a chance to comply and start kicking the shit out of him. And again at 0:45, the guy is on his left shoulder with a cop pushing down on him and another kicking his back and they expect him to bring his left hand underneath his body and put it behind his back? How the hell is that supposed to happen? I'm sorry, but I don't buy the "something happened before" or "suspect is not cooperating" excuses. The cop in the black uniform seemed to have been dealing okay and I don't see him doing anything too much out of the "ordinary," but the guy in yellow is a straight up power-tripping asshole.
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    I agree with your excellent analysis.
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    Kerunt... agree with you I do.. I made a comment on another thread about the smirk the one guy had on his face at the end of the video. I didn't think that was cool.
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    I know as lowly bouncers we would have been in shit for that kind of stuff I think with the training these cops get they should be able to handle someone alittle better then that

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    erm... so the guy is told to sit down... he does. Why tackle him and then kci the shit out him?
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    My respect for the force just keeps growing with every new incident (sarcasm)
    If I ever run from a police car and get caught maybe I'll tell the judge I didn't stop for fear the police were going to shit kick me.
    Any more video's like this and the judge might just agree that when faced with these guys they would run too.

    On the bright side with the high number of police brutality incidents caught on video
    the government may be forced to act(good for us) ....or not and the people will fear the police more than ever (good for them)

    The reason for the violence is the real issue.
    Young people are shown by TV commercials (molson,Labatts ect) in order to have fun and be cool you must drink.
    Fighting is cool and gets you respect (UFC)
    So you have young testosterone fueled males drinking too much and trying to look tough and cool for girls (as TV has told them this is what they should do)
    and all of a sudden the cops come and say NO! don't drink and fight and enforce these ideals by beating them up and arresting them.
    This society is sending totally hypocritical mixed messages
    It is no wonder young men today grow up hating cops.
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    Like Kerunt said, often the Police are manhandling people in such a way that makes it impossible for them to comply.
    I see another storm in a teacup, lasting for a couple of years, and ending in a totally unsatisfactory manner.

    Anyhoo - bravo once more for the video record provided by Joe public. The more this happens the more "honest" our Police are likely to become.
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    That individual is a piece of shit and terrible at his job.

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    just think of how much fun ...

    ... and the myriad of uses this thing will provide them with:

    Armoured vehicles adopted by B.C. RCMP

    CBC News
    The RCMP say their new tactical armoured vehicles will be used in dangerous armed standoffs. (RCMP)
    The RCMP in B.C. are rolling out their newest crime-fighting tools — two surplus tactical armoured vehicles (TAVs) that were given to them by the Canadian Armed Forces.

    The Cougars, as the military called them, were gathering dust and out of service, so the Canadian Forces decided to turn them over to the RCMP for free. The six-wheel vehicles will be stationed in the Vancouver-area for the emergency response team to use in dangerous situations.

    When the vehicles last saw military service, they were armed with heavy guns and grenade launchers, but all the weapons were removed from the 32-year-old vehicles before they were handed over to the RCMP.

    "It contains absolutely no special weapons inside. There's no secrets here," said RCMP Sgt. Peter Thiessen.

    The tank-like vehicles were called Cougars when used by the Canadian Armed Forces. (RCMP)
    The RCMP did borrow armoured personnel carriers from the military 15 years ago to help quell an armed standoff with native protesters at Gustafsen Lake, B.C.

    Now, officers in B.C. say they need their own machines to protect against the growing firepower on the streets.

    "Last year was a perfect example, within the Lower Mainland the gang violence, the amount of shootings, the type of firearms that were being utilized," said Thiessen, referring to the spate of gang shootings and homicides that plagued the region.

    The TAVs were called out for the first time on Monday night to an incident involving a man with a gun, but the RCMP plans to routinely deploy the TAVs in order to increase public awareness and to give the officers experience operating them in an urban environment.

    "These are older vehicles but they certainly have a lot of life left in them. And they're going to be put to good use when needed," said Thiessen.

    The RCMP said the so-called "Cougars for cops" is a national program, and residents of other cities can expect to see the vehicles on their streets too.

    Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-col...#ixzz0j9jdZAcO

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    Cougars for Cops ....... didn't they used to call that Scarlet fever?
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