Even if you don't want to race this year, come on out and ride a real SM track with a real dirt section! We have 3 different groups (kids, slow, fast) so you won't end up in over your head. Practice days are $40 for RPM members, and $60 for non-members. You will also need a PNWMA membership as they're the insurance provider: $30 for annual, or $15 for one day (which can be applied to the annual later). Practice starts at 4:00pm and runs until around 8:00. Usually by the end there's barely anybody riding as it's a tonne of track time, and everyone's bagged. The dirt section is more flowing this year, and there's no whoop section, so not as intimidating. Sportman bikes are welcome, and we let kids ride with knobbies.

2010 Schedule:

Practice Saturday April 3 4-8pm
Round #1 - April 4 - Tradex (Abbotsford)

Round #2 - June 6 - Tradex

Practice Saturday June 19 4-8pm
Round #3 - June 20 - Tradex

Practice Saturday July 10 4-8pm
Round #4 - July 11 - Tradex

Practice Saturday July 24 4-8pm
Round #5 - July 25 - Tradex

Round #6 - August 8th - Quesnel Kart Track or Tradex

Practice Saturday August 21 4-8pm
Round #7 - August 22 - Tradex (National)

Round #8 - Sept. 26 - Greg Moore Raceway (Chilliwack)