lookin to buy a new bike
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Thread: lookin to buy a new bike

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    lookin to buy a new bike

    Im looking to buy my second bike, hopefully with more power than my first... haha

    I started last year on an 81 gs 250 suzuki, a good bike to learn how to ride, but i need a lil more power.

    Im looking to spend under 3000, for a 600cc bike, probably in the early 90s

    I found one, a 1990 Kawasaki ZZr 600, from a dealership in vanc

    It says it has small ferring scratches, how easy are these to fix? The bike has been dropped, but still runs good, has a muzzy exhaust, and breaded steel break lines. They are asking 2800... but the color is purple! not my favorite...

    The bike has been repainted, so would it be safe to assume that it has probably been down before? and repainted so cover up the accident? what is welding the ferring? or can you use some type of fill? and overall how is the zzr?

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    Mmmm...breaded steel brake lines. I hope they come with dip.

    Seriously though, I don't think anyone will be able to give you a definite answer as to whether it has been dumped hard or not, unless they could actually SEE the bike.

    Go take a look at it. If you're serious about buying it, take it to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. If you have a queasy feeling about it, just move on and keep looking. I'm sure you'll find other deals out there.

    And re: the color of the bike. If you're planning on keeping this bike long term, and the color REALLY bothers you, you'll have to decide whether it would be worth spending lotsa $$$ repainting it.

    Good luck.

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    Karl Hungus
    Neli, I've seen that bike on sale for awhile but it could be just the colour. I just bought a 1990 ZX-6 myself and it's a good fast bike with reliable engine. Mine's been dropped as well, but from the early 90's most bikes probably have been. Just make sure the frame is straight. And if you do buy it, my buddy does lots of painting and we could spray the plastic for you cheaply. Good luck.

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