loud pipes save lives?
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Thread: loud pipes save lives?

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    loud pipes save lives?

    Hi everybody,
    I'm new here, just got an 86 ninja 600r, I know it's an old sport bike, but I hope it qualifies.

    My intention here is NOT to start an argument, but to get some opinions. I've been riding seriously 2 years, but I rode alot in high school, which is about 15 ish years ago. For the last two years I've been riding an 82 cb 650.

    Now down to the real post. This question actually comes from driving my cage to Whistler last weekend. We almost took the bikes, but we had friends so we caged it up there.

    I was passed by many bikes, which I love, but whether they had loud pipes, and many of them did, or were quiet, ie goldwing, I didn't really hear them until they were past me. I noticed them in my mirrors, as I look out for them cause I love the sight of a bike, but with the music on and conversation in the car, I never heard the bike until they were past me.

    Has anyone avoided an incident because of loud pipes?

    Personally, as i have never ridden with loud pipes, I'm more of the opinon that defensive riding will avoid more accidents, but I also have never claimed to know everything, or anything as my wife will tell you.

    Again I do not want to start an argument, but would like some opinions.

    Sorry for the length, but I ramble once and awhile

    Oh and i do love the sound of an engine, whether it be a bike screaming at 12000 rpm, or a v twin rumbling away, or an old radial on a ww II fighter plane, or a jet engine at takeoff, just so you know it's not a noise thing.

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    This has been discussed to death. Plenty of opinions in the search: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/se...archid=3849631
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    Yes, closed, this is worse than an oil or octane thread, only a zillion comments on every motorcycle forum known to man.
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