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    Theft Prevention / Recovery

    Consider marking "tasty" items on your motorcycles (including bodywork) with your DL#, name, or some form of contact information. Think dampers, slip ons, expensive rear sets, etc.. If your items come with serial #'s RECORD IT.


    Many times motorcycles are stolen and stripped of parts. We often bust the chop shops, but have no way of identifying peoples property. If there are markings it's possible for us to return items, and add further charges. If there are serial numbers (that you recorded and provided to police) they will be on CPIC (nationwide computer database) and can be queried to determine if is stolen or not.

    The same goes for you home electronics and such.

    If you took 1 hour in your day, and marked your TV's, Xbox, BLue Ray, VHS, Beta machines, digital cameras. with your name for example or wrote down the serial #, if it is stolen, we can return it to you.

    For example I was in a crack shack the other day, and recovered half a dozed laptops, LCD projectors, GPS' and other high end electronics. Its all obviously stolen, but only 1 piece was marked that the owner will get returned. The remainder will go unclaimed and unreturned.

    On a rainy day, when you don't have anything better to do, that hour might be the best thing you ever did, if unfortunately one day you have your stuff stolen.

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    good advice. i used to deal with people reporting their lost property to the department but i had to tell them that even though the police might recover their property, if they don't have the serial number, there was no way for us to really confirm that the property was theirs.

    also, pawn shops around the station also hand in their daily buy sheets (who, what, serial#, price) of the items they have bought in order for the property crime unit to compare against stolen items. thus, if you don't report your stolen item with its serial number, it be very hard for your item to be returned to you even if we did find it.
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    if my bike gets stolen, i NEVER want to see it again...

    but seriously, good idea. if everyone did it, it would be that much harder for thieves to peddle our stuff.

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