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    Artist Needed $$$

    I am willing to pay a good buck for any one who can draw like this ...
    I refuse to deall with Antoine as he takes your pic and copyrites it for his own use
    And has hosed me and others already. for $150 and now demands another $1000 just to get my origanal pic and drawing back
    So are you out there?
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    You need to get a hold of Adonf! at Labusas ... excellent work... I'm sure he can help you out

    He's a commercial artist.. if he cant help you he can put you in touch with who can... I know him and he is a stand up guy.
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    I can draw like that. Not exact, but with distinct style, descendant of graphitti art yadda yadda...
    But I'm lazy.
    that, and I'd just charge ya $1000 straight off the bat....
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