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    Movie: Dirty Pictures

    I started feeling a little nippy at about one in the morning, so I got a snack and turned on the TV. I watched Family Guy, and missed fifteen minutes of the most incredible movie.

    If anyone here has strong feelings about censorship and freedom, watch "Dirty Pictures". Okay, yeah, I'm a bit of a perv...I was scrolling through the digital guide and the title caught my eye.

    But I urge everyone to somehow find this movie, and watch it (those of you who get those movie channels, it was on Heartland Road).

    You'll be amazed, disturbed, and deeply shaken. And the think you knew what was going to happen, the ending will FLOOR you.

    It stars James Woods, I think it's based on a true story.

    Read this: if you want a clue as to what goes on in this movie.

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    I'll check it out !
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