What would you do? (New bike considerations)
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Thread: What would you do? (New bike considerations)

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    What would you do? (New bike considerations)

    Hi All,

    I wasn't sure what forum to put this in, so I figured this would be as good as any...

    I started riding in 2006, and my first bike was (is) a Yamaha TW-200. It's a great around town bike, cheap gas & insurance, easy to maintain by myself (especially important when you're a student), and is somewhat unique.

    Last year, I picked up a project bike - a 1975 CB 550F. I love the look of the older CB series - though generally the earlier models - spoked wheels, no fairings, etc. I'm not really a cafe racer guy, but lower bars and upgrades (mainly, an electronic ignition) to make the bike more reliable were planned. My plan was to have the TW as a town bike, and see how the 550F fared, then make a judgement call as to which one to go with. However, the thought of frequently (not necessarily daily) riding something that's 9 years older than I am is...intimidating. Not for the maintenance etc. required (I'm a fan of turning my own wrench) but for the parts availability - the 4-1 exhaust on the CB was rotted off, but fortunately a guy in Washington had one...I got it, a seat, and some other bits for $500USD which is a STEAL for that many hens' teeth.

    However, I graduated this past May, and am working full-time for a decent wage in my field - a rarity these days, it seems. I've always longed for an I4 sportbike, top of my list being a 98ish GSXR 600/750, both for the styling (don't know how/why), and the fuel injection. Monster 620 Darks have also appealed to me, and then I realised that a similar style could be had, in I4 form, with Honda reliability, as a 599.

    What I'm asking for input on, is does it make sense to fix the stuff on the TW 200, sell it (hopefully for ~$2k), sell the 550 (as either a project or a completed bike), and consolidate the funds/interests into a 599? 599s seem hard to come by, and have a bit of a price premium...is it because they were only imported for 2 years, and are generally desirable?

    Any thoughts/input are appreciated!

    Oh, and because everyone likes pretty pictures:
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    If you have the money, and want to get rid of the old stuff to buy a new bike, just do it.

    As far as it "making sense"....that's for you to decide. What you have currently, isn't worth much, so hopefully, if you are working full time, that's not the BIG deciding factor.

    As far as a Honda 599....yeah, great bikes, too pricey for what you get IMO, but nobody will argue that they are not a quality bike.

    That said, there are many many choices....when you are actually ready to pull the trigger.
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    Hard to answer this for somebody but I'd get the 599.
    I like the CB but it sounds like it will nickel and dime you to death.

    In addition, I think there are better choices then 599, looks-wise anyway. That's a personal preference though.

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    Keep me posted if you decide to sell the CB550. I may be interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDaddyGroove View Post
    Keep me posted if you decide to sell the CB550. I may be interested
    Makes a fantastic cafe racer project!
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    Don't forego the previous model of naked SV650. The plain jane SV650 from a couple of years back is an amazing bike. Comfy and has one of the funnest engines on the street that ever came out of Japan. But you'd have to buy a used one since it's been changed from two years ago. It's just too bad that they stuck their amazing engine into that horid looking and vaguely neutered "Gladius" package.
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    i rode for a year on the 599..

    very nice quality/reliability etc..

    i wouldnt buy another though... it had no soul!

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    +1 for the SV. although i like the idea of the cafe racer...

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    I have a 599 (Hornet) that I rode last season and really enjoyed it. It is a classy bike, with feathery handling and it got quite a few looks too!

    I have a new bike now and was going to start advertising the 599 for sale very shortly. If you are interested, PM me and we can discuss in further details

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