Just in time for spring..
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Thread: Just in time for spring..

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    Just in time for spring..

    This was in my inbox from Aerostitch this morning...

    Sounds like a great product as I'm sure a number of folks have had suits shrink over the winter.

    New Gear Xpander Wash
    The 2010 Aerostich and RiderWearHouse catalog introduces Gear Xpander Wash, a new fabric treatment for the rider whose jacket, pants or riding suit has mysteriously become smaller over the winter. The concentrated wash-in formula works at a sub-molecular level to soften the internal fiber structure of textiles, providing an expansion of up to one full garment size. Garment strength and durability are not affected. After washing, riders immediately wear their damp gear for 20 minutes, which allows the fibers to re-conform where needed. Then the garment is machine-dried to 'set' the fabric at the newly expanded size. Treated suits should not be worn in rainy or damp conditions as the fibers will return to the original pre-expanded size, which can be a choking hazard. Gear Xpander Wash is $847 per 5 oz bottle.

    Yes, it is the first of April..
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    I needed that last spring, dammit! This year, my riding pants have expanded all by themself over the winter. Lose weight = Buy new gear.

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    haha, cute
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    I was interested until I saw the price tag.. booooo
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    I ordered two bottles.. let you guys know how it works.
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    Well, I drank two bottles last night, and I haven't noticed a difference.
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