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So the scenario is as follows. certain details are deliberately vague for obvious reasons.

I was on 99 and came up behind a ghost car doin a reasonable speed, he was goin about the same speed.

he increases speed gradually and, like an idiot i follow him (clearly i didn't know it was a cop).

again, like an idiot, i telegraph my intention to exit the freeway. of course he deeks off ahead of me and i see the steel wheels - doh. he then pulls me over and gives me the shpiel about how he's given me a deal with a regular ticket.
that was after some nonsense about my class 6 being expired which of course it was not. and after the obligatory "thanks for stopping"

now i know entrapment is not a defence in traffic court. However i think this is the most obvious case of "random virtue testing" that one could think of. it also may be prejudicial in that he chose a sportbike rider to target. (kinda like tryin to preferentially catch black kids as drug buyers cuz a cop thinks it's easier for example)

Since entrapment is an appeal process only, and since a VT essentially finds you guilty until proven innocent, i would think it would make an ideal defence. However, if it will be disregarded out of hand, i better think up something else.
the last time this sorta thing happened to me was the summer of 97, was headin south on 99 goin thruogh the tunnel with 3 other rockets.
We were in the left lane ,and I was in the rear right side of the group.
It was about 11:00 pm and right between us came an rc camaro(ghost car) that basically pushed between the two of us in the back of the pack, no lights or sirens.Then one of the lead riders decided to pull ahead thinking it was a dumb fuck ,and then the lights come on.

We all meet up later and I find out that the pig pushed through us to try to make one of us run so to run up his fuckin quota.
He said"I fuckin hate jap bikes and I would do anything to screw you guys over."
I didn't hear this word for word, but it woudn't surprise me if it was true.
The biggest part of this that pissed me off is that he almost ran two of into the wall of the tunnel to bait us into running or speeding just to make a buck and fuck someone over!
Piss on all RC's and city piss ants.
All cops LIE!!!!!!