2010 FIM Superbike World Championships @ Miller
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Thread: 2010 FIM Superbike World Championships @ Miller

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    2010 FIM Superbike World Championships @ Miller

    Hello everyone! I am trying to see if anyone is planning on going down to Utah to watch this event. I know there are some members of dualsportbc that are going, but was trying to see if any members from here are riding down? Should be a good time! Would be great if a large number of us could ride together. 16 hours total if you are riding the freeways.
    Here is the link:

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    A few of us are riding down on May 25 or 26 to Salt Lake City in time for the races on Saturday. We're already purchased the event tickets and booked the hotel in SLC.
    Let me know what your plans are?
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    Don't want to put a damper on your trip, all in all it is a good experience. I went down last year, and the racing was good and pit accessibility okay. But I won't be going back.

    Miller has great viewing areas, but no character, and there was very little atmosphere. The track's in the desert, 45 minutes by highway from Salt lake City. The vendor area is a joke (though I did get to see and sit on the Aprilia RSV4 at its North American unveiling). There are the big manufacturers displaying their line-ups and very little else. The crowds are small and mostly local - Utah plated cars greatly outnumbered the bikes in the parking lot. Very little to occupy spectators between races.

    I paid for a paddock pass which included a pit walk through. What happened is the works teams mostly closed their garage doors, any riders that were there sat solemnly at the back of their garages while the mechanics looked on in either disdain or bewilderment. Mostly a waste of time. It was cool to see the post race interviews with the riders which were held on a stage in the paddock area.

    Miller staff couldn't make up there mind whether the grandstand seating was assigned or sit wherever if you had a ticket. This was very frustrating and the poor volunteers were receiving conflicting directions from the track.

    Like I say, it was an experience, but I won't be back. I've been to MotoGP at Laguna Seca twice and am returning there this year. A much better option in my view. Way more to see/do, great track, great atmosphere, thousands of bikes to see, Cannery Row to hang out at, etc. etc.

    Just saying..... Have fun.
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    I rode down for the WSBK races twice (2008 & 2009) on a Triumph Daytona 650. It was a fantastic ride and no discomfort issues at all with taking the sportbike. If I would make a suggestion though, take a couple of extra days and check out the Destination Highways roads on the way there. The freeways will get you there quick but so will flying. I'd rather fly there then take the Interstates.

    A lot of my observations and opinions echo what T-Ray said.

    Miller is a beautiful facility with several viewing grandstands. It is about 45min from SLC by highway, but you could save $$ and about 15min by staying at one of the many airport hotels which are closer to the track which is actually in Tooele.

    The vendor area was a joke in 2008 and everyone complained and made suggestions for 2009 which did not appear to have been followed up on. Ducati had their big set-up with a sales tent and fashion show but other vendors and manufacturers were lacking in the commerce department.

    I didn't have any problems with the grandstand tickets. We sat in our assigned seats and it appeared that everyone else did as well. However, I believe that one of the grandstands was unassigned seating though.

    I was really disappointed at the lack of access to the factory teams in the paddock. There was the odd rider out an about but most garages were shuttered the majority of the time.

    It is a very large track and facility and thus there is a lot of room to move around. It never did feel "crowded".

    Overall I had a great time and a great ride down. It's a great way to start off the summer. Enjoy!

    If you want more info about the races, facility, etc just PM me or post up here.

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    Yeah, after I posted this I was researching Laguna Seca, and have to say the drive down the west coast does seem a bit more enticing than the Utah route. Currently i have a rc51 but was thinking of picking up an inexpensive sport/tourer; maybe a vfr or even an older busa. Possiblt bringing the girlfriend, but not if I am on the rc. All my longer trips I took my 950 Adventure but sold it recently. Think I will be cursing the rc, or just suck it up and ride?
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