Radar on police bikes
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Thread: Radar on police bikes

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    Radar on police bikes

    Something I have always wondered about is how police motorcycle riders operate radar while riding.
    Is it fixed in one position or can they aim it?
    Do they need to leave it active while moving?
    I have seen officers parked with mobile guns but never really looked at a bike fitted with radar.
    Do they move the radar antenna to adjust aim?
    Isn't working so close to an active radar antenna bad for your health?
    I would like to see how its installed on the new bmw bikes.
    Oh ya is it waterproof?
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    Some come come with fixed systems with front and rear facing antennae...others use a hand held unit instead/as well. The "leaky" sets went out of use about 20 years ago...new ones do not emit signals like the older models. The units are water resistant and are designed to be used on a MC...however I never sprayed car wash pressure water at one. Hand held hose and soapy water is OK but don't blast with water.

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    I once stopped and chatted with a motorcop stopped road side for a chat, and most of them, will be more than glad to talk to the motoring public about the goings on of how radar/laser technology works. So next time you do see a motorcop and there's a safe place for you to pull over/park take the opportunity and chat with him/her.

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