Z1000 Dyno Chart
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Thread: Z1000 Dyno Chart

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    Z1000 Dyno Chart

    Here is the dyno chart from MO test of the Z1000 - looks like it compares well to the 127.6HP and 74.6ft/lbs of the FZ1

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    That sure looks a lot better than the dyno chart posted earlier from the Aussie site. I wonder what gives.

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    Here's the old thread.

    Some of the dynos I've seen on NEW FZ1's were 120hp +/- 8hp. Some people think the break-in has to do with the variations.

    All I know is that 120hp at the rear wheel is WAAAAY more than I'll ever need. So even if I lose 20hp, I'm still happy!!


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    yeah I was thinking the same thing when I saw that dyno compaired to the other one. I mean their review of the bike rocks. I know I loved the bike when I rode it. The power delivery is very smooth indeed not like the 9r where it kicks in you the ass at 8k rpm. I do like be'ing blow to the end of the seat thou when it comes on sorta like a boost heh. Wonder what they will price the z1k at the end of the season.

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    Herb Lipschnitz
    You know Cursed, I thought for sure this was going to be one of those bikes you could pic up cheap at the end of the season, but now I'm not so sure.

    The FZ1 was marketed as "an R1 for the real world"...I think many took that too literally and were disappointed with the FZ. Don't get me wrong, I love FZ1's but their sales were weak in an inaugural year when, if according to the hype, they should have flown off the showroom floors.

    The Z1000 on the other hand seems to be delivering in all facets of what people have been asking for in a naked: light bike, big usable power both up top and down low, inverted forks (don't get that one...who cares?), etc.

    I really think they're gonna sell out now as every review has been that favourable. It doesn't hurt that they are dirt cheap already.

    Be interesting to see based on the success of the 1000 if Kwak brings over the Z636 or whatever it's going to be called...looks like the Z but with the 636 motor in it and a 4into1. It's a definite for the Euro market in '04.

    The Z is a nice bike but it just has a few too many aspects that fall in the "cheese" category for me.

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