streets with stop signs and lights
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Thread: streets with stop signs and lights

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    streets with stop signs and lights

    something i have been wondering about.
    cross streets that have stop signs and lights on the main street.

    example. Adanac crossing Clark. Stop lights on Clark and stop signs on Adanac.
    Maple St crossing W Broadway is same, stop sign on Maple, lights on Broadway.

    When the lights are Red, would it be considered running a stop sign if you dont stop and continue thru as if you had a "green light"?
    I have been ignoring the stop sign in these cases but wonder if i am looking at a possible VT for fail to stop.

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    I believe those lights exist only because of pedestrian controlled crosswalks and have no consideration for the side street with the stop sign. I'm pretty sure that despite the fact that the light is Red for the main road, you still have to stop at the stop sign. A Red light for someone else does not mean a Green light for you. Especially if you are turning and the light is Red for them, it likely means a pedestrian is crossing and you should stop to make sure they aren't in your way of your turn also...

    This is what my take is on the law at least anyway

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    Yes, stop means stop. proceed when safe.

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