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    Carb Tuning

    I put a stage one kit in my bikes 36mm Mikuni's then went to a stage two full pipe ect.My bike worked great after I pulled the carbs on and off 4 times and got it tuned.Then I started having the same problem return(off idle stumble)only to find out I had the problem all along and my tuning was just a patch.
    When you buy a performance carb kit they don't tell that if you have more than 8000 km on your carbs you should replace the emulsion tubes or needle jets.A combo of ss needles and brass jet/tubes makes the tubes wear fast.You can have nightmares tuning the carbs if the tubes are worn.If you buy a kit with ti. needles the brass wears even faster.It will cost more but if you don't put new emulsion tubes/needle jets in the carbs you will not be able to tune them properly...................I did find one company that did mention replacing the tube/jets.Of course not the one I bought........In this case knowledge is horsepower...................................
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    I know this from years' past, and is why I won't own a carb'd bike anymore. Too many wear items that are really expensive.

    There was a guy that had a thread in the tech section awhile ago who had an 01' R1, and was having problems with the bike not running like it should. I replied that all the tiny rubber o-rings and CV diaphragms need to be in perfect shape or the bike will not run right. Since the bike is eight years old, that is most likely the case. Probably need a full carb rebuild, including all needles and seats, o-rings and gaskets.

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