Federal Inspection In Home?
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Thread: Federal Inspection In Home?

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    Federal Inspection In Home?

    Hi I just brought over my new bike from the states. I went to RIV and got them to fillout and send out my FORM 1, but the idiots wrote the model etc wrong and I had to fix it and send it out again today.

    Anyways long story short I only had 1 day to get my insurance and inspection and was hoping to get it done today considering my recall was sent in weeks ago. Regardless I am going to be working everyday (9-6) after today and wont be able to have my inspection done till monday which is also the same day as my road test. However, I heared of some people paying an extra $20 and having someone come to their house and doing the federal inspection.

    If thats the case then I'd really like to know where or who I can call to have the federal inspection done in home or later hours (after 6) Otherwise I could just go to a canadian tire early in the morning at 8am and have them complete it before I go to work but it would really make it easier if I didnt have to get one day insurance and do the hassle and get sold provincial inspections which I dont even need.

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    hmm, i'd be interested in this if its possible,

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    Did you purchase ICBC's Binder's Insurance? If so, and your Binder's Insurance is still valid, you can get a one-way Binder's permit to bring it to Canadian Tire for inspection. I did this for my 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider and my mom's 2008 Toyota Sienna.
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