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Thread: April 8/10 ANYONE KNOW "BILL"

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    April 8/10 ANYONE KNOW "BILL"

    At the courthouse rallies when we gathered regarding Robinson, the brave RCMP officer, there was a great big guy who had his little white dog on a leash, with him.
    I took a really neat photo of him and his 'buddy' the last time I saw him and I would like to get a copy of the photo to him.
    If you know him, perhaps you could let him know what I want and maybe you could PM me his number.
    He rides a big Harley bike with a set-up on the back for his little dog. He, no doubt, is not a BCSB member.
    Thanks very much,
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    I thought you were asking if anyone here was a "friend of Bill's"....
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    Are you sure it's a Harley, and not a Kawasaki?

    I chat with a fellow in Abbotsford often who has a similar set up, but he rides a kwak.
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    He lives out in Abby , you can find him at the starbucks by safeway on southfraser most sunny days at some point . Nice guy .......
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