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Hey guys,

I was wondering if there are any experienced motorcycle mechanics out there looking for work? I know of a scooter shop looking for an experienced mechanic who can do their own wrenching on modern 4-stroke/CVT scooters.

The shop is run by a husband & wife team who have a passion for vintage scooters such as Vespa's and Lambretta's. They are a great couple and have a real passion for their vintage scooters, however, they are having a hard time keeping up with the work load and would like to bring on some hired help.

If you have formal training and experience working on 4-stroke scooters and CVT transmissions, love working on scooters, have a can-do attitude and able to work independantly, this would be a great opportunity. Duties range from general tune-ups, electrical/mechanical troubleshooting and modification work (i.e. installing 70cc kits/exhausts/carbs etc.)

Sorry, I do not know the wage they are paying however, if you are interesetd, please PM me and I can forward you their information. I would like for this shop to be successful and to provide long-term support to the local scooter scene. The shop is located in East Vancouver. Thanks!