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    Question Separated...

    Here's a question for you thinkers out there...

    What kind of effect on life in BC would there be if BC/Alb/Sask/Man were to separate from eastern Canada?

    Jean Cretien is basically the PM of eastern canada, getting elected by the people of Ontario & Quebec. Those two provinces have almost enough votes in them to get a majority. Granted, some people out this way voted for him, but the majority out here, IIRC, voted for the Alliance party.

    So, do you think our quality of life would go up or down if we were to separate?

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    Hrmm...that's a scary question.

    I'll have to think about that later...when I'm less...high.
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    well, considering the cash flow from the western provinces mainly goes east with only a small amount returning, I think we would do just fine . We could solve the lumber problem easy enuff and we could scrap bilingualism...It would make more sense to see Chinese/Japanese/German on the back of the cereal box than French IMHO
    If that were to happen, I could see the states putting the grab on the eastern seabord for the oil....dunno if that would be ok or not .....but Central Canada has been ignoring them for years too
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    The west would do just fine without eastern canada...
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    I completely agree with you and wish we had someone in the gov who had the balls to do such a thing.

    I mean we just about give away our resources and get nothing in return. The states screws us all the time. All the things that BC used to thrive on are dieing off every day. Lumber, mining just to name a couple. States charges us 27% tax on soft wood what a joke what do we do about it protest that's about it and what comes of it nothing why because the gov knows they can screw you around and get away with it.

    You know I am right I may be young and don't know all the facts but I do know some of the things I say are right. I mean we have a water pipeline that goes from BC all the way to Vegas and they get that FRESH water from us CHEAPPPPP and not to mention the power that is supplied to LA from the Western provinces. Hell last time I heard something on that the states didn't pay their bill for quite some chunk of money instead they let it sit in their banks and collect interest.

    Hydro pays everyone 50 bucks and then we are happy with them meanwhile they increase their rates to rape us more. And I agree with the other person about the tax on buying a USED motorcycle fine I can live with paying tax on a brand new motorcycle but I donít enjoy paying it on a bike that has had tax paid on it 5 times from 5 different people that's just BS. When I hear things on the news and all the hidden taxes everywhere I just get pissed I mean (airport improvement fee 10-15 bux, airport security fee 27 bux, Not to mention they have done didly when it comes to upgrading security, then you pay a gas tax don't remember how much that is then the cost of your flight which is say a cheap one at 150 bux add all of that up together $192 bux+gas tax and now on top of that they CHARGE YOU TAX ON THE TAX !!!!! what a joke.

    But the best part about it is we take it and take it. If you were in prison and a 300 pound man named bubba was raping you up the ass every day how long would you put up with it?? Thatís what the gov is doing to you. Only they are doing it to you while you are sleeping and you didn't wake up. The next day you start feeling the pain of it and don't remember or know who did it. LoL

    Now I am not against tax not one bit I mean we need things from the gov. I mean I am a very happy camper that a hospital's have 6-10 hour waiting times if I break my leg I enjoy quick service with a smile not to mention getting x-rays from machines that are from WWII era still in use because we got a great deal on them. I was with a friend who got hurt pretty damn bad (in my opinion) but of course it wasn't life threating so we sat there for 7 and a half hours and in that time I saw so many people and some real sick guy shitting himself and puking all over the floor he didn't get in from quite some time. Oh and our Military ha-ha that's the best one yet we have 18, F18 fighters and not even 18 PILOTS QUALIFIED TO FLY them . We are lucky we don't have terrorists after our country because we all know the kind of security we have. Do you remember the knifeman who jumped the prime ministers fence broke into the house made it to the bedroom Ha Ha what a joke.

    Next we will be doing practice missions like the Russians where we pretend to drive the trucks because we have no $$ for gas.

    Canada doesn't have pride in the things that used to make this country stand out. I am sorry to say this but I am disgusted with the way this country is ran and I am sick of BS like the 2 billion dollars that is wasted in gun control just so the honest people can pay more money for something that is a waste of time.

    More people die in this country from poor medical facilities in a single day then that of registered guns. Most robberies are not from people doing it with LEGAL Guns they are stolen ones.

    But hey when people are getting flown down to Seattle for health care and then the gov of BC is charged the bill of 300,000 bux because our hospitals are full.

    Then you have the mp's back east spending the usual 240,000 dollar budget set aside to redecorating their offices that we spend each and every year. Don't forget the spare fund for our 1 month vacations from their hard ass jobs that they get retirement from after they are up.

    Sorry to say it and even more sorry to have to face living under a gov like this. Everyday our country is becoming less and less free and more like a dictatorship is you ask me.

    Now that I have had my chance to vent I know some of you people may agree with me and some might not I am open to hear what your thoughts are and what (GOOD) things and what (BAD) things you think the gov has done for you or someone close to you lately. I will be impressed NO NO I will be BLOWN away if I hear more then 5 good things the gov has done to directly benefit your lives lately

    whooa you start small and next thing you know and I only scratched the surface.

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    Cursed, I agree with a lot of the stuff you said it's sickening seeing all the fees upon fees and taxes out the yingyang. There is way to much red tape and waste, Political Pensions are sickening, it's no wonder there is never any money for the things that really need it. The whole system is buggered and when Mr. Martin takes over things aren't going to change it will be business as usual, help your friends out and pad the pockets of everyone you know.

    Anyway I don't think we could do any worse on our own we have no where to go but up.

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    Just as long as Gordon Campbell isnt the Prime Minister of the New Canada.
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    just as long as Gordon Campbell isnt the Prime Minister of the New Canada.

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    The sooner the West separates the better it would be for the majority of the people here, especially the younger generations, however that still leaves the Americans, and if you think they're screwing us now then imagine what they would do to a new nation with a population of only 8 million or so.

    One way or another I think we'd end up in the grip of the Americans {most likely ala England and Scotland} sooner or later if we went that route, I'd be okay with that, many of you wouldn't.

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    The West has my vote. Get rid of the east. Don't think Alliance would be a good choice though. They seem to have their heads up their poop chutes. They haven't made any sense since we sent them to Ottawa. Next election they'll get wiped out. I can't stand the communist NDP or these Liberals that are selling us out either. Who the f*ck is there for vote for. Disgusts me this whole cluster f*ck.

    Freakin gun registry. What a joke. I still haven't registered. Don't think I'll bother. Aholes.
    I mean... come on now... how many billions do you need to spend for a big room full of computers and some smucks doing data entry?? Certainly not $500 a damn firearm. Christ! Really pisses me off, f*cken beaurocrats.

    Let me see.... 50 computers @ $800 each (don't need 21 inch LCD's!), 50 dummies at $25k/yr, one manager @ $50k/yr, website hosting, admin $10k/yr (generous) for a total of $1.3 million. Hell... let me do it, I'd do a better job.

    It's a joke anyway, hardly anyone is shot with registered long firearms. It's just another plan to disarm the population so we can't shoot all the politicians when the time comes.

    Even if that happens...."gimme that slingshot!"
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    Bad Vibes

    Originally posted by Digi168
    The west would do just fine without eastern canada...
    Having moved from Quebec (Montreal) to BC, I was extremely relieved to get away from the issue of separation. Living on the pacific coast, I figure I was as far removed from this topic as I can get! After all, I am living in BRITISH columbia, not Nouveau France! To flirt with the idea of sperating from the rest of Canada, simply bring back bad memories; Leveque, Trudeau's war measures act, FLQ, bill 101, language police, Italian school riots in the east end, French/English fights, politically correct stop signs, and let's not forget...referendum part 1 and 2!

    Plus the huge emotional toll that takes on a family being seperated by provincial borders or soon to be country borders. Annually, all my childhood friends converge on Montreal on Christmas weekend. Some flying in from Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Boston and New York. We all sit down with a cup and look at each other, all a little older, but still the same hooligans. Yeah we're bitter, bitter that we couldn't live life together as childhood friends and as senior citizens. Yeah, we're bitter that we can't be with our parents.

    Young Anglos leave Montreal with the fear of being stuck in a country called Quebec. Fear of being a second class citizen, fear of isolation from the rest of the country. Having grown up in Montreal, I could see the financial toll it took on the city. Large size companies would pack up and leave...leaving countless buildings vacant. Why did they leave? Uncertainity with a new country.

    Can British Columbia go at it alone? Most likely yes. But, as seen in the Quebec "experiment," there will be a period of social / economical hardship, before a province can return to "normal."
    When the Parti Quebecois gets their wish (which they will), it came to be on the years of hardship that both the French and English had to endure, since the 1970's! That's 30 plus old will you be, when this thing finally settles!

    While the issues and details would be DRAMATICALLY different in the BC framework, it's still bring up bad vibes for all ex-montrealers.

    We leave Quebec to be part of the country we were born in, Canada. Whether I'm snowboarding in Cypress or riding my bike thru mountain roads, I'm sooooo glad that I stepped on that flight to British Columbia. Yeah, I miss Montreal and proud to be from Montreal, but I'm a person who does not live in the past. When I'm travelling in the States, when asked where I'm from...I'm proud to say Vancouver, CANADA.

    Bring up the topic of separation with any ex-montrealer, they would simply cringe at the notion. Just my experience...
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    As much as I share the feelings here of wanting to separate I just don't see it happening. IMHO, the biggest problem is the uncertainty it would bring (which the business community can't stand) and that would just HAMMER us economically. Our standard of living and economic and social benefits would suffer greatly. I don't think people would be willing to put up with it -- it would be too costly and I suspect that many people and businesses would leave.

    I think we are farther ahead pushing reforms within the current framework. Unfortunately, until the Liberals are voted out of power that is never going to happen.

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    Originally posted by KatRider
    As much as I share the feelings here of wanting to separate I just don't see it happening. IMHO, the biggest problem is the uncertainty it would bring (which the business community can't stand) and that would just HAMMER us economically. Our standard of living and economic and social benefits would suffer greatly. I don't think people would be willing to put up with it -- it would be too costly and I suspect that many people and businesses would leave.

    I think we are farther ahead pushing reforms within the current framework. Unfortunately, until the Liberals are voted out of power that is never going to happen.
    We're getting hammered already, to the tune of sending 10 billion more dollars eastward annually than we get back, and that doesn't even account for other forms of systemic bias. This is money that is spent to the benefit people that either don't care what is happening as long as they keep getting theirs or else think of us Westerners as a bunch of stupid farmers and rednecks that deserve this sort of treatment.

    I think separation hinges on Alberta, only they have the clout and could inspire the confidence in the business community to make it feasible. Bee Cee would end up as "Mexico North" if it tried to go it alone.

    The Liberals will always be in power, their ability to stay in power is one of the few areas where they're truly game. Their power base in Ontario and Quebec is utterly secure and they can {and do} always milk their Western cash cow for more money to smooth over any dissatisfaction that may arise there.

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    I like the idea of western seperation, just BC and Alberta though. But we have to take a serious look into restructuring. Not so easy just to build a new country. Change would be slow and perhaps painfull, however, Campbell and his party would have my vote as Prime Minister. (so far)
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    It could work, but won't. British Columbians have a problem realizing that they can't protest every single economic development such as oil and fish farming, then complain when cutbacks are made.

    Don't like Gordo's cutting back of government spending? Start organizing pro oil and pro fish farming rallies. Unless we have the money to support it we can not spend huge ammounts on social programs indefinately.

    My projections, we leave and do so-so (as well as can be expected for a new nation) with the Liberals or another right wing party in. Then a leftwing party comes in and spends away all our work on saving some insect or bird from the ravages of industry or some other such Californian gov't behavior.

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