For those Who don't wanna subscribe for motogp or dont have speed channel at home
here is a way to watch the coverage ; including moto2
you guys will have to go to Indonesia live tv website owned by one of the universities in indo.

2. as the windows appear on the right hand, under the word "PILIH CHANNEL" means "choosing channel", click trans7. (nothing will happen but thats just the way it is
3. after clicking trans7, click the big black play arrow on top of the "PILIH Channel"
4. wait the university's ads play for 30secs, let it loads
5. watch your motogp
The quality is crappy though asn in lagging so much!well thats what u got when u dont want to pay

Go Rossi!!! and thanks to Yamaha Indonesia for putting their Motto on the back of rossi's and Lorenzo bike.... the cost of putting that is equal to
Stopping my friend, Doni tata, from continue competing in WSBK 2010 season..(drop from Gp 250, then WSBK, then out for now!)
thx a lot Yamaha Indonesia! I rather have a real person representative than just a F*!kiN sticker!