Many are probably aware that the organizers of the Ride For Dad have moved on to setting up their own event, Ride To Live, so they could direct the locally raised funds into local organizations which help people here. This has left us in the dark as to what was happening with the Dad ride, and even the website had no details, not even a date.

I spoke to Colleen at the main office for the Ride For Dad (1-866-710-6733) to get a little more information on what was being planned for Vancouver. I am very happy to hear that they've made a few big changes. The event was originally posted for the 15th of May but has been changed to August 28th to coincide with the Cross Canada Ride For Dad passing through on the way to Victoria. Having both events in May would have been confusing and cut down on the ridership and fundraising for each event. More info will be posted on their website at

I am kicking myself for not getting the Victoria date too, but as it will be the end of the Canada ride, it should be early in September.