Iron Butt Association, National Meet, Aug 11-14, 2010
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Thread: Iron Butt Association, National Meet, Aug 11-14, 2010

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    Iron Butt Association, National Meet, Aug 11-14, 2010

    IBA National Meet - Denver August 11-14, 2010


    This year's IBA National Meet has an expanded program with both a Rallying and a Touring Track. If you want to spend a few days , laughing, and learning from some of the best in the Long Distance Riding community on everything from which driving lights work best, to truly mastering your GPS or touring in Europe this is the event for you.

    This year's National Meet has the added excitement of the inaugural Iron Butt 5000 leaving on the Monday morning from the Hotel. Watch Rally Prep, bikes passing technical inspection, - see the look in the rider's eyes Finishers of the 5000 earn a place in the 2011 Iron Butt Rally.

    The National Meet is open to all IBA Members.

    Not a member ? You can still attend.

    If you have always wanted to complete a Saddlesore 1000 or a Bun Burner Gold 1500, the IBA offers you the chance to complete one of these IBA rides on your way to the meet, submit your fees and paperwork to the IBA in Denver and your ride will be checked and your certificate presented to you by Mike Kneebone during the National Meet.

    In small words , sign up for the Meet , do an IBA ride to the meet, submit your paperwork and qualify for IBA membership. As an added Bonus a deluxe breakfast buffet is included with your hotel reservation and there is a spousal program.

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    I'd love to attend but have prior plans. 2011 maybe ?
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