Is my battery shot?
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Thread: Is my battery shot?

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    Question Is my battery shot?

    While I was charging my battery yesterday it had 11.73 volts of juice in it. This morning I checked it (it was not charging overnight) and it was only 8.93 volts. Not good. Is the battery toast? Maybe charging it at 2 amps was just too much for it. I know 1.2 amps is the recommended charging rate but my automatic car battery chargers only go down to 2 amps. I thought that 2 amps was still low enough and wouldn't damage the battery. Looks like I may be buying a new battery and charger!

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    Whenever I have a questionable battery I take it to edmonds and they do a load test. They'll let me know and it doesn't cost anything. Give them a call?
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    Most places can do a load test for you. Doesn't have to be specifically Edmonds. That is the only way for sure to find out. Some batteries may be able to come back after a drain, but at 8.93volts, your battery may be beyond the point of no return.

    I say, get a Deltran Battery Tender. Spend the extra few bucks and make sure you have one of the better chargers on the market.

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    Battery is pooched.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffy74 View Post
    ...Is the battery toast? ... I thought that 2 amps was still low enough and wouldn't damage the battery.
    Yes, its toast.

    A rule of thumb is to charge your battery at a rate not higher than 10% of its rated amperage. i.e. 14 amp battery = 1.4 amp charge maximum. As well, a lower charge rate for a longer time period usually equals a happy and long-lived battery.

    I think the Battery Tender chargers are 750 milliamps (3/4 amps).

    Hope this helps.

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