gas tank has some play
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Thread: gas tank has some play

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    gas tank has some play

    07 ninja zx6r

    just got my bike back on the road
    and i noticed the gas tank has some play in it...i checked the bolts on the front of the tank and they are tight.

    i took off the tank to tilt it...the play seems to be in the hinge part that lifts up but that bolt is tight too....

    i had my VC done awhile back...otherwise my tank was not touched...does anyone else with an 07 ninja tank have a bit of seems that the 2 front gas tank bolts might be missing a spacer?? or my friend said that theres some kind of "rubber cup" or something between the tank and frame that could be missing...
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    I have rubber spacers where my tank is bolted down plus it has a flat metal bar bridging the two bolts and also the front of my seat sits on top of it. Though it's already a dif bike...

    But for your tank it should look like the following and I'm assuming there should be rubber spacers on the hinge bolts cause it does look like it.
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    My last ninja had rubber spacers under the tank bolts, and I would often wiggle the tank at red lights for entertainment.
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    ^^^ My 9R was the same way. Come to think of it, so was the old 750. Wouldn't be worried about it if I were you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Kentor View Post
    My last ninja had rubber spacers under the tank bolts, and I would often wiggle the tank at red lights for entertainment.
    Did you wiggle along with it?? That I would pay money to see!! Yeah the tanks are rubber isolated at the front and the rear pivot has give so the tank can be raised and lowered with either a full or empty tank so the tank kinda free floats.
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