Do you buy cancellation insurance when you travel?
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Thread: Do you buy cancellation insurance when you travel?

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    Do you buy cancellation insurance when you travel?

    Ugh, by now most people have heard about the volcanic eruption in Iceland early this morning. Without minimising the effects this has on the locals, this natural act is jeopardising my vacation!

    I am scheduled to leave for Prague (via London) on Monday but there were wide scale flight cancellations throughout the UK. Flying through the volcanic ash cloud is not kind on airplane engines, and no one knows how long the Eyjafjallajokull volcano will remain active -- I copied and pasted that name, it's a mouthful.

    Getting to my long-winded point, I didn't buy cancellation insurance. It was an extra $200 bucks and I decided I was going no matter what; I had the same trip planned last year but my employer asked me to cancel last minute so after checking with the bossman, there was supposed to be no stopping me this year!

    I am re-thinking this whole cancellation insurance thing. I have never purchased it in the past, and by my rough calculations by not buying it on my previous trips the money I saved can pay for this trip (if it does get cancelled). But I was curious to learn what other people were doing when planning vacations and getaways.


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    I think that if you paid for it by a credit card, ... then you may already have trip cancelation insurance on the card. Check with your credit card company. If you did not pay by card,.. then you maybe stuck with the charges and fees. Maybe even call the airline you are flying with. They maybe able to do something for you.

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    Not something I'd ever buy. How often does something like this happen? Once in a life time, at most. $200 for every vacation sounds like a major rip off.
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    If it makes you feel any better I'm in the exact same boat ! Supposed to leave Sunday for Frankfurt, and have already booked all my trains (prague, berlin, amsterdam)... I still don't think I will buy insurance, even after this. I agree with kerunt.

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    I'm leaving for a cruise soon from San Diego to Van. 4 days in San and 4 on the boat. Total insurance for the 8 days cancellation and medical including helicopter airlift off the boat coverage.....$59 CAD.

    Why Europe so expensive? I better re-read my policy.
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    The volcano erupting in Iceland yesterday has the most cancelled flights since 911. My friend is still stuck in Romania and has been on hold two hours to reschedule. She has had to get a hotel and pay full fare to reroute. Boy, cancellation would probably be good there. So e people spend more on vacation than their bikes. I always buy it cause I'm the poster boy for getting injured.

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    Check the policy. I bought insurance last Euro trip. It's only to cover if you get sick and cannot travel. Acts of god etc are not covered.

    There are so many different policies.
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    i always buy my vacations with a gold visa. that is my cancellation insurance

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    After a brief stint in a foreign hospital, I don't even bother with medical insurance anymore. Those scamming bastards. USELESS!~
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    Quote Originally Posted by DNAspark99 View Post
    After a brief stint in a foreign hospital, I don't even bother with medical insurance anymore. Those scamming bastards. USELESS!~
    Sure it was a hospital and not a massage parlor?
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