Hi guys, I am selling my track bike for a couple reasons. 1. I am having a hard time making the fairing fit, and since this isn't my strong suit, I would need to have some help doing it. 2. I can't see myself putting this bike on the track this year. I have other priorities. So, may as well sell it, and buy another when I'm ready.

The bike is in excellent shape. It has only 27 000 km and I just put in a brand new clutch. I bought that fairing of ebay but I never managed to make it fit. The bike runs really well and it is as straight as an arrow.

Extras: fuel tank, 2 wheels, 2 sets of dry tires and one set of wets. I have the manual printed out as well. I'll trow in the rear stand too, but needs modification to fit this bike.

Thank for looking.


PS: will consider a small sailboat with trailer as a trade-in.