Let me introduce you to the Black Widow. She is a fiery young Japanese supermotard born in Japan and raised in the Okanagan. She was sold new by 4 Seasons Motorsports in Vernon and was owned by the first owner for less then one year. He traded her in on a Harley at the Harley dealer in Kelowna and I happily took her off there chrome plated hands. The original owner had the following modifications done by the mechanics at 4 Seasons Motorsports:

- Yoshimura exhaust pipe ($300 value)
- Acerbis hand guards ($60 value)
- Jet kit ($40)
- Air box intake-ectomy ($? unknown value)

Total value = $400

I bought her with 1,800 km on her.

As the second owner (owned her since 2008) I have treated better then most girls I dated since then (hummm thats probably why I was single). She was a blast to ride on road, but I wanted to get into some dual-sport/trail riding so I spent a heap of money on a full set of off-road wheels from RAD Manufacturing. The off-road wheels are manufactured from the factory to fit stock to DRZ 400s (E/S or SM models) I have added the following goodies since buying her:

- RAD Manufacturing full wheel set that swap straight in/out ($1,200 value)
- HID headlight ($100 value)

Total value = $1,300

Since I bought her and got the off-road wheels for her she has spent 70% of her time off-road. Yes she is well travelled and has some abrasions to show for it, but was never abused. I have a file of receipts for all of the care and maintenance she has had over the past two years. I am going back to school to become an eye doctor so I have to liquidate some of my assets, including my true love. Now she can be yours for the fair price of $5490.

She now has 12,840 km on her.

Here are the free extras you get with her:

- manual hydraulic motorcycle jack ($100 value)
- pair of stainless steel foldable ramps ($100 value)
- Joe Rocket textile jack and wet skins rain pants (with under boot elastic straps) ($150 value)
- On Guard Beast security chain w/extra keys ($150 value)
- Extra air filter ($40 value) not in pictures
- Answer chest guard ($40 value) not in pictures
- Shift riding pants and jersey ($100 value) not pictures
- Various oils and lubes ($20 value) not in pictures

Total value = $700

Total value of free extras and value added parts = $2,400

Financial summary:
Cost of total package if purchased individually $7,890
(less) total value of free extras and value added parts ($2,400)
Total package price $5,490 !!!

Having a turn key operation to take your life from average to AWESOMEpriceless!

Interested? Call me, my name is Reid, at 250-801-8373

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Will you accept offers?
Yes, I am open to negotiate, but dont waste time with low ball offers. I used to work for the company that appraises values for used motorcycles/snowmobiles/atvs in Canada and prints a guide book for all the dealersI know a little bit about used bike values!

2. Can I test ride her?
Nope, sorry. Have you heard of vicarious liability? No? Well it means that if you crash or hit someone I am liable. What I can do is have you start her and look at her for a long time. Ill even take you for a ride on her if you want.

3. Does she need anything?
Yes, if I was keeping her I would put a new chain and sprockets on her. Also need a new front street tire a rear off-road tire soon.

4. What payment options do you take?
Cash only, and not the $100s you just printed off eitherreal cold hard (a little crumply is ok) cash!

5. Can I pay you part now and part monthly, I just need to get some money from my mom?

6. Can you deliver it?
Yes, I canwithin the Okanagan at no charge or further if you pay me.

7. What are you going to do now that youve sold the love of your life?
Cry for a while, drink some beer and reminisce about the good old days and read a lot of books with big fancy words like photorefractive keratectomy.

8. What does she cost to insure for the year?
With full ICBC discount about $250 for 9 months, plus $200-$300 a year for private theft, fire, storage, etc insurance. An autoplan broker can give you a better idea. Thankfully, due to the 398cc engine size you are in a good insurance bracket!

Any other questions? Call me, Reid, at 250-801-8373