Hey gang I'm selling my sisters landladies pickup for her as she doesn't want the hastle. Its a dandy little 4x4 with a canopy in pretty nice condition. Anything ever needed doing she just went of to Brown Bros and had it done.So here's the skinny

Nice sort of teal blue color
pretty new tires in very good shape
Brakes all done car had a good going over by Brown Bros the year before last and she stores the car all summer so its not had many miles since.
I've been driving it for a bit now and its very nice to drive. (I'm tempted to buy it)

Its been used this is not in showroom condition. couple small dings here and there, canopy needs new shockts to hold the door up/open. (Depending on time I may replace thes myself.)

Wipers only go on full speed , pulse and slow doesn't work.

I'm putting this on craig list today or tonight and it will be listed for $3800 but anyone from this site can get an instant discount to $3300.00

Contact me for viewing or more details.