tg rear tube bumper- v6 3.0- 5 speed - muffler -toy box

If anyone has a current built flatdeck and wants to trade stuff contact me.
Im thinking the nsor toy flatdeck that everyone knows on wils truck. I kinda like the design and am shooting for that in the end sorta kinda?

Selling the toys engine and tranny.
The water pump just started to go i went to toyota to price out oem parts $1200 later not happening.
If I spend 1200 bucks its going to be on some serious hp and not on a v6 imo.
Im not really interested in buying aftermarket lordco parts. So anyone want a good running block come get it.
Thus anyone want it come and take a listen to it i will not pull it till then.
Its a great runner i just never intended on keeping it in the truck that much longer anyways i am riding my bike full time till fall now so the truck sits and gets worked on till late fall now.
I was going to sell the truck but i cannot bring myself to let it go.
I will be gathering all the V8 350 and tranny parts in the coming months - rads fans and the little pieces so contact me thru email or this thread if interested in seeing & doing a once over the engine if anyones interested.
Would like $300 for the engine and $150 for the 5 speed tranny.
Keeping the tcase for now.
I just changed the plugs, distributor, rotor, oil + filter, as well with blue higher end plug leads.
Comes with a spare oil filter!
As well the exhaust is no use to me anymore as well. $100-?

Also selling the rear box off the truck will be making a flatdeck as well xo-ing sometime this year.
Its minty tailgate lights come with it rhinolined inside grey pearl paint. Shoot me a good price and come get her.
The rear tubed tg bumper may be up for grabs as well once the box is gone. Has some spider web gussets added. Good offers take it / painted black!

If anyone wants i can post some updated pictures?
Just say the word!