Brake light wiring 929RR
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Thread: Brake light wiring 929RR

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    Brake light wiring 929RR

    I bought my bike with a smashed integrated brakelight/turn signal unit. We were able to savlage the part with some clever soldering/bridging but the lens cover was missing. After riding in the rain all the led's shorted and I wnated to change it anyways but the problem is all the stock wiring has been hacked and soldered into the unit (not by me)

    I dont' have the stock brake light connectors so I'm wondering if any other bike had the same bulb type or if a car might share the same bulb type I can just go rip out the socket for it.

    Any suggestions?
    it's 2001 929RR

    left blinker: orange, green
    right blinker: light blue, green
    taillight/brakelight: brown (tail), green/yellow (brake), green
    license plate light: brown, green
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