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    Watch those intersections

    I was waiting to turn left behind an SUV yesterday at a red light.
    The light had been red for about a half minute or so when the guy ahead of me slowly started to go into the intersection. At first I thought he was just doing the creeping thing that some drivers do at a red light, but this guy went right into the intersection. He almost got smoked by another SUV going through the (for him) still green light. The guy ahead of me locked up his brakes to just stop in time.
    Reminded me to really pay attention at all intersections and expect the unexpected.
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    yup expect the unexpected.. even if you have the right of way don't expect people to do the right thing.. for example turning left on an advance green arrow.. i've seen people on the opposite side stopped on the red light, just decide to pick up and go as soon as the traffic on the green light side of the intersection starts moving.
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    I've seen two accidents in the last's treacherous out there.

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    scary shit! this is why i tend to avoid areas like downtown, richmond, surrey, etc where there are many busy intersections and lots of crazy drivers! North Van has its bad areas too, but not as bad at least and i can detour around them easily...

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    Learning to ride in areas like downtown van & richmond were good for me. taught me to be assertive but to expect anything. don't let any other driver rush you till you feel its safe to go too.

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