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Thread: Best motorcycle blogs?

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    Best motorcycle blogs?

    Just wondering if anyone has any favorite motorcycle blogs that are worth checking out? has the occasional motorcycle review and is a pretty professional effort, but I so far haven't come across anything motorcycle specific that is anywhere near as well produced or updated as frequently.

    Not really looking for any particular focus... Industry news, new bikes, reviews, gear, racing or whatever else motorcycle related. Just need something to kill time at work!

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    I usually flip through once a day.
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    I have always enjoyed our local guy ( Neil ??) doing his reviews of bikes on some local roads and some distant ones as well ,

    But if you have alot of time to kill , the thread on ADV where Doug rode around the planet like Mighty Ewan and slightly less mighty but funnier Charlie , on a Harley Chopper !!! The story is epic , the trip is epic and the guy is just a southerern from alabama or some place where 2nd cousins are game for luvin' ............ I followed it as it he went , but I started late and was often up till 2 -3 am reading to catch up ......lots of cool pics , he made it on to tv and magazine covers etc..... The Wrong Way round link , enjoy ----- Be warned , there are 1,500 replies to sift through , been viewed almost 780,000 times !!!
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    Great! Just what I need: more diversions and reasons to procrastinate. My to-do lists will only grow longer!
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