Hwy 97 and Coq?
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Thread: Hwy 97 and Coq?

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    Hwy 97 and Coq?

    I drive the 97 and the Coquihaila twice a week but have been thinking about switching it up to riding. I've seen the gravel, I've seen the melting snow, but in a nice heated truck I can't really venture a guess at how chilly it might be to ride... Yes I've done the window down to guestimate. Any fair weather riders tried this yet? Anyone regret that choice part way through?
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    My latest Coquihalla traverse was in mid-November, and earliest was March. Can be tricky, but with heated gear, and travelling in the sunniest part of the day (11-3) you'll reduce the risk.

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    Past, there were instances of hail in May just before Victoria Day on the Coq and 97connector. I saw a group of 4 riders this early February when it was slushy...2 KLR's, 1 DRZ, and 1 sport/touring heading towards hope this past winter.

    Forgot to mention that thick fog is common on the 97c pass and also just before you hit Peachland. Even in late spring you will encounter thick fog coming down the hill before Peachland. It's worrisome that you have to pay attention to what's in front of you inside the fog patch but you always worry that some run away trucks is behind you inside the fog.
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    It was snowing on it the other day.
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