Parking Unlicenced Vehicle on the Street
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Thread: Parking Unlicenced Vehicle on the Street

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    Parking Unlicenced Vehicle on the Street

    So COV wants to allow unlicensed electrical scooters to park in the unused triangles and not allow plated and licensed motorized scooters and motorcycles (not sure if the 50cc scooters are allowed). Now why electric scooters would want to park there and risk damage by cars, I have no idea - If I owned one I would park where I can safely lock it off the street by the bicycle racks or on the sidewalk - where they are legally entitled to.

    Now I remember I can get a ticket for parking an unlicensed trailer on the road. Is that throught the municipal parking bylaw or does the MVA say something about that?

    If the MVA allows it, then in accordance with COV plans what is to stop someone from parking a pile of junk with two wheels on it, put an toy electric motor and a 1.5V batter, call it an electric scooter, and leave it in front of City Hall on the street???

    Does the MVA allow me to throw some tubing on the street with two wheels in a pile and leave it there?

    OK, off to the parking rally for me!

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    well they aren't considered motor vehicles as far as a I know. Just a bicycle... soooo they can park em wherever they want.
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    Heard the COV official on the radio yesterday on CBC, they are pursuing the "GREEN" initiative, where all the benefit of this parking freedom shifts to electric bikes. $%^*&#(*
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