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    Stall Sharing/Parking

    Is it legal to park more than one motorcycle per stall?

    Moreover, assuming it IS legal, could I just buy one ticket per stall?

    Seems kinda like a waste of space for a little bike to hog all that space.

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    Clearly the ~20 threads about the motorcycle protest (regarding this VERY issue) did not contain enough information on the subject...
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    ^^^ lol.

    i guess i'm just enabling people's laziness but:

    Park Smart: No Immunity for Motorcycles

    Motorcycles (regardless of their size) are bound by the same parking rules as any motor vehicle. They are for example not exempt on the painted triangles around driveways or at corners, nor the outer edges of restricted zones indicated by No Stopping or No Parking signs. They cannot be left on City sidewalks or boulevards.

    Motorcycles can share meter spaces with other vehicles, but both receive tickets if the meter is expired.

    In Vancouver, two on-street time limit zones have been reserved exclusively for motorcycles. Both zones have two-hour limits and are located in the downtown core on the:

    ■South side 900 West Cordova at the west end of the block.
    ■East side 400 Howe at the north end of the block.
    To provide more parking options for motorcyclists, EasyPark has supplied a number of off-street metered spots at selected parking lots in the downtown area. For 25¢ an hour (up to a maximum daily rate of $3.00), owners can leave their vehicles in a designated motorcycle parking area. The program is available at the following locations:

    ■Lot #2 - 150 W. Pender
    ■Lot #3 - 535 Richards
    ■Lot #5 - 520 W. Georgia
    Monthly permit tags are also available. For more information on the program, call EasyPark at 604-682-6744 or visit their website at EasyPark Vancouver.
    for those of you mathematically challenged, that $3.00 at the above-specified EasyPark lots equates to 12 hours of parking at $0.25/hr.

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    This is a by-law question and not a
    Police related question.
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    It's illegal to park a motorcycle anywhere other than at least 12 feet up in a tree. Parking squirrels are everywhere, be careful - they bite.
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