What front tire size for zx6r?
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Thread: What front tire size for zx6r?

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    What front tire size for zx6r?

    I was just about to order new set of tires for my 2005 zx6r. When I was choosing my tire size for the front and there was no option for a 120/65/17. So I did what a normal BCSBer would do... search online for an answer..

    I found mixed answers regarding using 120/70/17 vs 120/60/17 ...

    I'm sure that it's been discussed here before so I did a search here in BCSB because if I don't ..

    ..all the pricks and assholes of BCSB will be all over me with comments like..
    " your'e stupid,this thread is garbage" or
    " Use the search function.. its located on the top right side of this page " or
    " You're grammmmar/ speling/ spa cin g/ punctuation? is incorrect" or
    "IMO .... that's my two cents"or

    ....rather than answering the stupid question

    So obviously I'm posting because I did not find the answer.. so

    for a 2005 zx6r: 120/70/17 or 120/60/17 Michelin Pilot Powers 2ct.

    Before you flame and tell me that this has been asked before or tell me "didn't you just post regarding pilot powers vs pilot road so you must have gotten an answer regarding tire size already"...

    a)Please give me an answer first
    b)Then let out your "constructive" criticism
    c) and finally everyone can trash this thread... on the way to it being deleted.

    Addendum: If I sound like a big prick is because I've been in this forum for a year and I've read all the threads all winter..........

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    Well, I see this comment, which suggests, it's less than a 70:


    During our lunchbreak, Bridgestone technicians spooned on sets of their sticky BT-002s. Like most race-compound tires, the 002s are available only in the popular 120/70-17 size. A bit more rear preload was dialed in to somewhat compensate for the taller front tire, yielding similar steering characteristics with the expected increase in grip.
    This one says 65:


    Both the NINJA ZX-6R and ZX-6RR ride on light, six-spoke wheels shod with 120/65ZR17 front and 180/55ZR17 rear tires for exceptional cornering performance.
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    I Remember reading somewhere that if you changed it from the oem size it actually helped the bike steer better...or turn in better or something like that...i think it was the 65 was an odd ball and 70 was more common....

    i did it to my 00r6 and it made a difference but you might have problems with the front fender rubbing?
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    Don't worry about which one...if it doesn't rub the fender, go with the common 120/70. More rubber on the road, more rubber choices too.

    Your not Valentino so if someone tossed a 130/80 on the front, backwards....do ya think you could tell?

    Have fun shopping....take it easy on the new rubber for about a 100kms.

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    On my old street 00 zx6r, I replaced the 120/65 with a 120/70 and never had problems with fender clearance. My 06 zx6r track bike has 120/70 slicks on it and also no fender issues.

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