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    Unreal Luck...

    After the big canucks win tonight my buddy and I decided to go for a quick rip around the surrey area. Was cruising up 176 towards hwy one and traffic was decent but kind of on the slow side. There was an opportunity to pass a few cars while coming up the hill towards 96th so I took it. Buddy and I rip it up the hill and go to make the left at 96th when we see the old red and blue in the mirrors. Pulled over on 96th and expected a fistful of tickets. We weren't going an insane speed, really just a brisk pace to pass a few cars. Cop gets out and walks up and looks like the biggest geek ever. Anyways guy comes up asks us for or registration and all that and he seems like a really nice guy. Anyways he goes into his car and runs our licenses and such and we can see him writing away on his notepad so for sure we think we're f&^%!d. He comes out of his car and walks over to us and hands us back or licenses and registration and tells us to have a good day, apparently there are alot of stolen bikes in surrey he says. WOW is all i have to say right now I can't believe we didn't get any tickets whatsoever. Unreal luck.

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    why did you get away with a couple stolen bikes? just kidding, probably weren't going fast enough for him to notice.

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    Haha, lucky!!!
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