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Thread: Vancouver to Penticton

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    Vancouver to Penticton

    Has anyone driven to Penticton on their bikes recently?

    I'm looking at making the trip this weekend, yet when I was checking out the drivebc site and looking at traffic cams, there seems to be a bunch of snow still. (on the coquihalla)

    Is 97 a better route (dryer, less snow)? I've only ever been to Penticton once, so I really don't know the ins and outs of riding out there. Any advice is appreciated.


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    Go east on Hwy 3. North from Keremeos, if you're worried about the elevation changes. (Hwy 3 is not as high as Hwy 5).

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    Yup, highway 3 through Manning Park should be ok this time of year, It will be cold once you get East of Hope all the way to Manning park main gate, but warmer as you continue East into Princeton.

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    drove through there a few weeks ago...looked clear
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    I drove to Princeton on Saturday, electing to drive rather than ride because of calls for thunderstorms and unsettled, unseasonally cold weather. Sure enough it had snowed a couple inches of fresh snow though the Manning Park corridor (the scenery was scintillating), and the couple of riders I did see toughing it out looked miserable.

    That being said, it has since warmed up considerably and riding the Hope/Princeton from now on will be fabulous. The road was quite clean and gravel at a minimum, so provided you don't pick a window of time that is raining - it'll be a magnificent ride going that route to Penticton (The Coquihalla sucks on a m/cycle - straight and boring).

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    Highway was good today-but these are mountain passes and can change in a heartbeat. if not certain check out Drive BC website before departing and check with the RCMP detachment in Hope before proceeding

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