Snake Eyes on the S2S
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Thread: Snake Eyes on the S2S

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    Snake Eyes on the S2S

    Word of warning:

    Starting just north of Britannia Beach, and up the hill to
    Petgill Lake at Murin Park - TAR SNAKES...

    Yeach !
    Live each day like it is your last,
    like you will never get another chance...

    One day it will be, and you will not.

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    yep saw the road crew laying them down on Thursday. Lame!
    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    Fallen Comrades?

    Some random twat who binned his bike is a "fallen comrade?"

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    Theres more tar holding the road together tthere han there is ash fault.

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    If I ever catch those fuckers who put that shit on the road I would be very tempted to blast my horn at them and give them the finger.
    I know its not their fault but it might help make them more aware how dangerous that stuff is.
    If every bike that went by them did this it may have a small effect.
    Infidels Rule!

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    Pretty sad when a large portion (1/3) of the roads budget is spent entirely on bike lanes in Vancouver.....while the roads in BC literally crumble away. The tar snakes do little more than buy some time before the road goes to shite.

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    This is a worthy issue for a group like BCCOM to deal with. I could get behind a push for less of that slippery stuff on the road or a safer compound.
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