Mini maps, folding maps, the booklet map?
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Thread: Mini maps, folding maps, the booklet map?

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    Mini maps, folding maps, the booklet map?

    Just wondering what people use for a map while riding. I'm sure if you ride in your own backyard you don't need one. Thinking about riding to places I haven't gone yet in the city vicinity ie Maple ridge, mission, abby and whatnot.
    I don't have a saddle/tank bag so it'd most likely just be something I carry inside my jacket. So would it be better to just get small ones with the different city areas and keep it folded in the tail? Plus where would I get one? Only gas stations come to mind maybe chapters...
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    Buy a gps, makes everything else obsolete.

    That said, I take paper maps as well for quick reference when rolling
    and not wanting to start pressing small buttons.
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    Nice to have a smallish map, maybe Destination Highways or something, but can't beat a GPS these days.

    If you want it for the Lower Mainland, like Mission, etc, you may be better off just doing a route in Google Maps and printing it off for your pocket.
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