WTB: Leathers 1 pc or 2pc
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Thread: WTB: Leathers 1 pc or 2pc

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    WTB: Leathers 1 pc or 2pc

    I'm looking for some leathers, I'm riding with textile right now and I don't feel comfortable at all. My budget is $200.00 firm, can be a few seasons old but nothing old old old school. 1pc is preferred but I will do 2pc as well, leathers are leathers. Colors don't matter to much but I like Black/Blue/Silver
    ie: not bright green lol
    size 42-44 US
    I'm 5"11 180 lb
    please pm me
    or call 604 897 5573 or email me at ArthurCzerniak@hotmail.com


    PM is preferred. Thanks!
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