11.05.10 bike repair...Lacquer
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Thread: 11.05.10 bike repair...Lacquer

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    11.05.10 bike repair...Lacquer

    Have done some paint repairs on my bike. Have been spraying clear coat over the paint job. Takes quite a bit of time and patience. I am wondering if there are some spray clear lacquers that are thicker than others. It looks like it is going to take a while to make it look like it did originally and, perhaps, I need to use a thicker lacquer, if it is available. Thanks.
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    in order for "thicker" clear, it needs to have a catalyst in it. Your "off the shelf" lacquer clear doesn't have that. You can, however, buy a rattle can clearcoat with a catalyst built in...but its a one time usage and I believe the cost of it is like $30 a can. but it will give you that clear coat look like it came out of a spray gun. PPG paint company has these and lordco should carry them...if not, lemme know and I can see if my paint supplier still has any kicking around.

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