I am thing of selling my KLX 250, and gettin a XR 650L
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Thread: I am thing of selling my KLX 250, and gettin a XR 650L

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    I am thing of selling my KLX 250, and gettin a XR 650L

    whatcha think?

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    Sure sell me your klx k?
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    More power? Do you even have to ask?

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    What I think Cory is it all depends where you ride. I once owned a XR650r that was kinda plated and for fire roads and big open areas it would make you giggle with the crazy power it had....like sliding at full lock at 100 mph...

    I was going to buy a KLX250, in fact I tried yours and liked it and still have aa thing for one...but I got a KLX450r thats plated and is nearly a perfect dualsport...until I ride with my friends that own 530's...on the roads I top out at 140kph and they get 160...but in the bush I rock and they suck...since the type of trails we often get into are hard even if I was on my KTM300 all our bikes are a bit of a handful thats why I am wanting a KLX250 just for those days...but the problem is trying to have a bike that does it all..so I am also looking at the KTM 690...hehehe

    Thats what I think...????
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