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Thread: Personalized plates

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    Personalized plates

    So here is something that came to mind when looking at photos on the 'coolest bike' thread.

    There is a picture of a man and woman at a track day. The guy has a Washington plate on his RC 45 that says RC 45. Kinda cool but also easy to remember.

    I say that because once or twice I have exceeded the speed limit or perhaps accidentally popped the front wheel up. If someone is able to see the plate, a few numbers or a word can be easier to remember than the alphabet soup that is a standard plate.

    So what do you figure, the vanity plate is worth the risk or not?
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    HELLO NO! I would never risk it. Too many over sensitive cage drivers out there that are just lookin' to burn us.

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    Originally posted by C-YA
    HELLO NO! I would never risk it. Too many over sensitive cage drivers out there that are just lookin' to burn us.
    Ya no doubt. Plus if ur an aghressive rider and some cops see you (even if ur riding legally) they'll remember you by ur custom plate. Not worth the risk. Theres hundreds of guys who ride whit and blue gixxer 600's..but only one rieds one with a plate that says SRAD on it.
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    I once saw a bike in the back of a p/u from the states somewhere the plate read "B4IDIE".
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    Thumbs down

    I can think of a few things that would be a laugh for a vanity plate, but stealth is job one in my mind.

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    There is a jag in west van with "V-12".
    Ig I had a choice it would be something like "254KPH" or perhaps "MCH 0.4"


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    I have a personal plate, its kinda hard to read and remember. Plus I'm from out of province so even if you remember what it says you probably can't read where I'm from. The state letters are so small.
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    Thumbs up

    Hey, to each his own i say.I have one and the way i look at it is ,Have you ever tried reading a plate that goes by in the opposite lane,at even legal speeds?Impossible.And when i pass i go by quick,And i mean quick.Shit i don't lose sleep at night over it.Must be working for me,I have had no problems with the police.If you are going to act like a idiot in the wrong places,It does not matter if you have a easy plate to remember or not.I go quite fast on my bike but i pick smart places to do it.

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    Thumbs down no, maybe, errr, no, uhmm, yeah, no...

    I think they look pretty cool, but I don't really think a vanity plate is for me.

    Chalk my slow arse up for the stealth crew, mostly 'cause I don't enjoy the hassle from "The Man". I'm thinking that a large portion of our sport riding brethren is going to be experiencing road side lectures from the law this summer. Thank Hollywood. Damn biker boyz... This summers RCMP revenue generation is going to be unreal.

    Shit happens. Ya gotta deal with it as best you can under your own terms.

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    Depends on what you have on the plate and how it translates.

    604-RDR for instance, most car people would just think that is a car plate... R1 would be very easy to remember...

    To each his own...personally I like them, and unless you are really wreckless then I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Depends how much you ride, where you ride, and what you do. If your main goal is to impress people infront of Starbucks then go for it; if you ride like a jackass in rush hour, it probably wouldn't be the best idea.
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    I'm thinking of getting a personal plate:
    No one would ever be able to remember this. It means absolutely nothing. what do you guys think?
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    Crazy Crease

    heres mine

    how about "HOGKILA"
    if i did get one thats what it would be
    I hate the way the hog riders act so godamm cool

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    I wonder if KO7 is taken. I would have wanted BCSB KO7, but that is too long.

    Seriously though, I doubt I would go through the trouble if I am not insuring for the full year.

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    Hey it would be cool if everyone from BCSB got personalized plates with BCSB (SILVER) but yah... that's wayy too long.
    I was wondering about the easy id myself before, but it's okay if there's nothing to hide (no heinous speeding tickets) and if no cagers, etc looking to trash u're bike cuz you cut them off or something.

    Does "SILVERHEARTZ" fit, or would I have to go with "SILVER" ?

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