I am selling my brand new set of Chinese replica fairings. When I received them I tested out the tank cover and it cracked slightly just at the base where the seat meets the tank, when bitching to my buddy he told me that a good friend of his is a custom bike painter and he would be able to get me a deal. It turns out its a great deal and I am gonna paint my OEM stuff and dont need the replica stuff. Now the crack in the tank was my fault, I was told to use heat and I got lazy (not too mechanically inclined here) and was in a rush to play with my new toy. However the crack is less than an inch and would be easily covered by a tank pad so its a non issue really, as a matter of fact I will include a brand new tank pad with the kit.

Here is a pic ...

Its a matte black paint with a silver VFR on the top of the side fairings and a silver honda wing logo on either side of the tank.

The pieces are all in great shape, some of the mounting locations have inserts for the screws, others dont but generally it appears to be a decent Chinese replica kit.

*EDIT* These are for a 6th gen, 2002-2009 VFR. Complete set includes tank cover, left and right side fairings, nose cowl, tail cowl, front fender and the 2 corner dash pieces.

Email jarrod@fusionracing.net if interested.