My new (first) bike!
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Thread: My new (first) bike!

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    My new (first) bike!

    I saw some other people posting when they got their new rides so I thought I'd do the same. Sorry in advance if I'm in the wrong forum...

    So I decided on a ninja 250 for my first bike. Love the look of the new ones and the theory is that a 250 will be the best bike to learn on. Also I figure it's harder (although still possible) to do something stupid on a 250 than a 600, especially while learning.

    Budget was $4000. Craigslist told me I wasn't getting anything under $4200, and I'd have to fight for anything in good shape under $4500. So I looked south and found one in Seattle for $3400. 1400 miles, dropped stationary once resulting in an almost invisible crack in the right fairing. Other than that it's mint.

    Bringing it across the border was waaaay easier than I had expected after snooping around these forums. Only problem was the export office absolutely refused to communicate with me. The only way I could confirm that my bike was ready for export was driving down and walking in to talk face to face. 2 emails and 3 voice mails over a week did nothing. If I ever do this again it will be at Sumas, as they actually answer the phone. Fees worked out to:

    $3500 bike (visa charged extra $100 for exchange rate even though CAD was stronger than USD that day....
    $205 Riv fee
    $180 GST
    $250 PST
    $100 for dealer to bring bike to blaine
    $40 ish in gas

    So I might have saved a couple hundred, seeing as technically I would have to pay some tax on a local bike as well. Even if I only saved $300, that's my helmet and gloves right there. To many people this is not worth the hassle, to a college student it is jackpot

    Lovin the bike so far, except for the noise I heard today... but that's a different thread...

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    Well done. Enjoy the bike and stay safe.
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    It's nice to see someone start out with something sensible,it shows intelligence and you will save a fortune on gas.
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    Very nice dude! And wow I'm impressed with your maturity on this one.

    We both live in poco so send me a PM or add me on fb and we can go for a ride sometime
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    Great find, and good job bringing it from the south.
    Deals galore if you are willing to look and put up with the hassle of importing it.
    Also, sensible you for starting on a 250. I started on a tired ninja 500, probably had the same power as your new 250.

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    Now go out side and hit the gas tank with a hammer so you don't feel so bad the first time you do something stupid (like me for example)

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    Congrats! Look forward to seeing you out there.

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    Great looking bike.....average person can't tell the diff between that and a 600 from a distance.

    Excellent choice to learn on, I rode the old version when I started, lotsa fun!
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    Good hunting... and absolutely a fantastic choice for a first streetbike.

    Low insurance cost, great on gas, very nice looks, low maintenace costs...

    Easy to ride, comfortable riding position - provides good road visibility...

    AND very good resale value to future new riders.
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    Smart move..wonderful bike

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    Great choice! Welcome to the Ninja 250 club!

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    Congrats, you'll have a blast on the bike, I certainly did. Don't worry about any meowing noises, it's normal
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    why don't they make a 250 4-banger anymore? that would be sweet
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    Excellent the 250 club is growing and soon we can take over the board! I mean...
    (> <)
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