new 500 dollar stunt build up
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Thread: new 500 dollar stunt build up

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    new 500 dollar stunt build up

    I was going to take the year off stunting but for $500 for a clear titled haggard bike couldn't pass it up. Thanks money p...

    Since it was cheap i went and got a complete 1000RR front end (bolt on)
    And some other stunt goodies on the way.
    Red was from last year i still have hoards of red left- the pontiac blue is rattle can high heat shit.
    Had to change the block over the other threw a bearing within 5 minutes of starting it up.

    So far its coming along!

    Think i am gonna add the new gsxr can i took off and replaced - fmf apex to this bike yeahahhah wicked lot pipe!
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