First time on a bike since surgery
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Thread: First time on a bike since surgery

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    First time on a bike since surgery

    Went for a ride on my dirt bike....been wanting to ride for many weeks...did play on my 125 3 weeks after removing the tumor...but rode yesterday 2 months before I am supposed to...the weather was just too nice...

    I went with some good friends who could take care of me....still cant load or unload and even hard to dress myself

    But still on pain meds and dont feel safe on the street bike, I figure a dirt bike ride along some cliffs while stoned is a better choice

    So couldnt just putt puttt around...I rode to nearly the top of the mountain until we hit snow and couldnt go farther....

    A health scare makes you appreciate what you might loose....
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
    Having had a colonoscopy......I have now seen where the sun don't shine......(Me)
    Cancer Sucks!!!

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    A health scare makes you appreciate what you might loose....

    So true.
    I'm glad to hear that you're out and about already.

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    Welcome back to two wheels. Heal fast.
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    StevieMac- any and all advice provided by me is of the "Use it at your own risk" variety. Common sense and your own good judgement must always prevail.

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    It's a good feelin' have quality people around you. Good to hear you're on the mend and back in the saddle.

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    right on man. Live life to the fullest!
    KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

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    You've sure got balls to try that.


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