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    Garmin 265WT GPS


    I have 3 GPS units, so this one had to go. I bought it used myself, about 1 month ago.

    It works great, and I actually upgraded the maps of North America, to the newest 2011 versions available, as shown in the image below. I am also including a 2gb SD card, where the new maps are located.

    You can also view pictures on the unit, which you would store on the SD card if desired.

    This unit has Bluetooth, to connect to your cell phone, for hands-free calling, as well as having the lifetime traffic feature, which lets you know, in real time (where available), if there is heavy traffic on your route, and what delays to expect.

    The screen does have a small scratch on it, but it's mostly noticeable when the unit is turned off, not while in operation. I have tried to take pictures to demonstrate this in the links below. I didn't care much, knowing I would mainly use this on my bike, with gloves.

    I do not have the windshield mount for this unit, but will include a RAM cradle, which can be used with other RAM mounts, if you have them. This would be great for someone on a motorcycle, who had a RAM mount already.

    The only included items are the GPS itself, the SD card, and the 12v power cord, with FM Traffic Receiver built-in to cord.

    No box, no paperwork, that's it. I got a good deal on it myself, but bought the SD card, bought the RAM cradle, and messed around to upgrade the maps to the newest available.....I think it's a decent deal.

    Will meet in New West.

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