Z1000, anyone ride one yet?
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Thread: Z1000, anyone ride one yet?

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    Z1000, anyone ride one yet?

    Wondering if anyone on the board had the chance to ride the new kawasaki z1000? If so, how would you compare it to say a zx-9r, which it is based on?

    Your views will be appreicated.

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    I think Cursed rode one.
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    Herb Lipschnitz
    Yup, I rode it. I thought it was great. Super smooth on and off throttle. Great accelleration. I've spent some time on a 9R and own the ZRX12.

    That said the Z1 comes on sooner than the 9R but has nowhere near the torque of the ZRX. If you're used to a fairing (or even a puny fairing) it's bizarre to be on a bike with nothing in front of you. Bars are high, steering is very quick...you have big wide motocross bars steering a sport bike 24 degree front end. Wacky, but just need to get used to it.

    It was a 15 minute ride so what can I say? It's dirt cheap. Motorcycle.com just reviewed it and loved it.

    My overall take? A great dirt cheap bike for what you get, but it looks like something the Green Goblin would ride. It's a poor man's Speed Triple and looks like it.

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    I rode it too, and I totally agree with Lipschnitz...my impressions were almost exactly the same. Seating position, handling, ergos...all that stuff reminded me a lot of the Monster. The motor was fukin juiced...I was expecting a somewhat muted ride, but that was not what I got. That thing has more than enough power to get you in a lot of trouble. The sound was also unreal...quite possibly the best sounding stock motorcycle I've ever heard? (including Ducati)

    Oh yeah...and on top of all that, it's a bargain. It costs less than a ZX-6R!
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